Pensans Visions, Aims and Values

A Community Empowered, Inspired and Aspirational


At Pensans all children are recognised and valued as individuals with unlimited potential. We will work together with parents and the community to achieve the best outcomes for our children so that they become; confident ambassadors for the school and positive members of our community who act with integrity for the good of all.


  •  All children and adults are safe
  • Our school is an inspiring place where all children love to learn
  • We work together to create an open, welcoming school that is at the centre of the community
  • We have high expectations of children and staff.


  • We show respect for ourselves, for others and for our environment. 
  • We treat everyone equally with consideration and courtesy. 
  • We are fully committed to our learning and teaching.
  • We take a pride in our school; contribute positively to the best of our abilities, and we are honest, open and fair in our dealings with one another.


This is our Virtues Promise

We show respect and kindness to everyone each day.

We learn the art of excellence and self-discipline in our own unique way.

Being honest and patient brings a smile to our face. 

Our enthusiasm shines through this amazing place. 

We stand tall and proud in all that we do. 

This is our virtue promise from us to you.