Music is an essential aspect of children's learning and, at Pensans, we endeavour to offer a wide variety of opportunities for children to both learn a musical instrument and to express themselves through music. 
In EYFS music is taught through the topic that they are learning using the Rainbow Pond program. Children have access to experiment with both tuned and non-tuned instruments and percussion.
Key stage 1 and 2 are taught using Charanga, an interactive teaching program, which really engages and enthuses the children. This program ensures that the children are developing the curriculum knowledge, skills and understanding of listening and appraising, playing, performing and composing. All children in Key stage 2 are taught to play the Ukelele by Miss Simpson.
Singing is taught through weekly assemblies run by Giusi Manta. The children progress from learning melodies and rhythm all the way through to learning 2 and 3 part harmonies by the time they reach Year 6.  Children have the opportunity to audition for Cornwall Boys and Girls Choir in Year 5 and 6 and many of Pensans pupils have been successful in securing a place.
The choir performs at many community events throughout the year and our samba band is well-known for thrilling the crowds at Mazey Day. The children are very well received wherever they perform and have experienced extremely positive feedback.
Peripatetic music lessons are available to all pupils in woodwind, brass, string and percussion. Concessions are available to ensure equal access for all.
Music Co-ordinator
Giusi Manta