REAL Projects

Through REAL projects we provide a creative, inclusive and challenging curriculum which inspires and motivates our children.
R - Rigorous
E - Engaging
A - Authentic
L - Learning
 Each project is planned around a complex enquiry question which leads to a high quality end outcome, which is exhibited to an authentic audience.
Projects are rigorously designed to cover all aspects of the National Curriculum as well as providing the children with engaging, real life experiences. These develop their confidence, ability to self manage their learning and develop skills that prepare them for a world outside of school.
Key features of REAL projects
- lines of enquiry based around an essential question open ended question
- writing involves multiple drafting, peer and group critique to up level their work
- projects have a real world, real life outcome
- each project is rigorously tuned before being delivered to pupils
- culminates in a final exhibition to a real life audience