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Gwenver Class Open Afternoon 20.10.23

We are incredibly proud of Pensans new recruits in Gwenver class. Today they showcased what they have been doing in their first half term in school to family and friends. They were so excited about having the opportunity to put on a performance and they did not disappoint. 
The children shared the key texts they have been reading and performed a piece of poetry. They sang two of the many songs and rhymes they have learnt and encouraged their families to join in with a funky fingers song to strengthen and develop their fine motor skills. 
Miss Watts talked about how they had been working on number in maths with a focus on 0, 1, 2 and 3, and improving their balance in PE, rhythm and rhyme in music and in Re learning that Christians believe that God created the world and managed the feat in 7 days. The children were very impressed with this now they know the days of the week song, as a week isn't all that long! 
Miss Watts talked through the topic ready, steady go and how they had been learning about themselves, had been doing observational drawing in art and had created two different self-portraits using different mediums. The children showed the beautiful Autumn artwork they were proud of as well as their handwriting from phonics lessons. This was all after Mrs Ambrose came to present the star of the week certificate and the school rule certificate. This prompted the children to talk about how they had decided on our own set of class rules through a democratic discussion about why we have rules and the importance of them.
We all realised what a busy but productive half term we have had. 
Everyone is looking forward to next half term where we prepare to sparkle and shine!