Wellbeing at Pensans

Supporting emotional needs.
At Pensans School we put wellbeing at the core of everything we do.  We believe in a nurturing culture that enables children to grow and flourish giving them a foundation of self-belief and confidence that will furnish them with skills and strategies to help them realise their full potential and aspirations.  Our ethos encourages children to be resourceful, respectful and resilient. 
The outdoor environment is important for building our skills and Forest School is used as a provision to support emotional wellbeing.  We have a team of six emotional support trained practitioners, who between them support individual children, groups of children and other adults supporting children. 
We work in partnership with a range of outside agencies, such as Family support, Headstart and feeder secondary schools in order to ensure that we meet the emotional needs of our children in the best way that we can.
The Virtues Curriculum.
We follow the Virtues Curriculum which is a programme focusing on teaching the children the importance of showing virtues in all aspects of their lives.
We deliver lessons to the children which allow them to identify the virtues they are strong displaying and those they may need to work on. Activities are fun and practical and link to the REAL projects to ensure they are relevant and meaningful.
We have a virtues reward system which highlights children who are showing the virtues around school at all times of the day and can be given by any member of staff. 
This helps to give the children the correct emotional language to use when resolving issues, building friendships and tackling new challenges in their lives.
We love all our outdoor classroom in EYFS. At Pensans School we are lucky to have fantastic grounds with woodlands and a fire pit which all the children are able to access.