Literacy at Pensans

Literacy at Pensans is planned around the REAL projects.
It is purposeful, based on real life experiences and inspires children to produce beautiful written outcomes.
Literacy is threaded through everything we do and has a high priority across the whole school. Teachers deliver high quality first class teaching, which is supported by a series of targeted intervention strategies to provide structured support when needed.
Critique is a highly effective way of children using self improvement to attain high quality outcomes. Children co-construct rubrics which form the main basis of features that they need to include in their work. This is linked to the mini-outcomes placed throughout the projects which all feeds into the final product. This is then shown to an authentic audience.
Children have the opportunity to up-level three drafts of their work. The skills are taught at each stage to ensure children understand where their areas for development are and where they need to improve their work. Children are engaged and involved at each stage, with small group discussions focusing on the language of critique and children expected to explain their next steps in detail.
Children in Key Stage One are taught in specific groups teaching children at the correct level and moving them on quickly. Children in Key Stage Two, who need this approach, can also access this in order for them to be confident at spelling and de-coding. 
SPaG sessions focus on a particular strand of the curriculum and are assessed through the evidence in their writing as well as work completed in these sessions.
Reading is taught through guided sessions which provide opportunities for children to be taught specific skills using the D.E.R.I.C approach. They also have the opportunity to apply their phonics teaching, read and discuss their own reading material and also read for pleasure. 
Teachers base their teaching around a high quality text which is linked to their project.
Children have access to the Reading Cloud  which is an online service where children can review books, recommend to a friend and look at all the titles and authors available in the learning centre. It is a fantastic resource and is supported by our Learning Centre Co-ordinator who also supports the children individual reading journeys. We use Accelerated Reader to track children's progress through quizzing which encourages them to read more widely and helps build their vocabulary. During lockdown we had access to EPIC through the local libraries to read digital books so that children were able to access a variety of genres and keep up their reading skills.
This all leads to beautiful written outcomes that the children are proud of and can talk about with each other, visiting experts and community members that may have supported them along the way.