Free School Meal vouchers

The government have now given the go-ahead for FSM vouchers for Lockdown 3.0. We will calculate the voucher amounts for each FSM child on a weekly basis. The maximum amount is £15 per child per week. This will reduce by £3 per day if your FSM child has taken a school meal in school over that week. For example, if they have 3 school meals in school that week, you will receive a £6 voucher.

All eligible parents will receive a text and/or email from School Vouchers with instructions about what to do as soon as their voucher is released. This should be every Friday unless you are notified otherwise. It is worth checking junk, clutter and spam email boxes for the email too!

The mail-out of the vouchers for Pensans School is being operated by a company called School Vouchers. The system works via emails and texts. We have used the same email address and mobile phone details that we have on file for parents/carers unless advised otherwise. 

There is a lot of support available to parents on the school vouchers website including a video and guide below:  

If you feel that due to your current circumstances you may now be eligible for free school meals, please follow the link below for further information and how to apply.