Writing is assessed throughout each written outcome and children work towards very specific targets. The rubric allows each child to have a tailored criteria to work towards and they self assess during each stage of the drafting process.
Teachers and pupils work together to ensure that each child has an opportunity to discuss their next steps using their learning journals and that learning is provided in lesson time.
Children also have learning conferences where children talk to their teacher about their learning, what they are really proud about and what their next steps would be. This information is collated from all the literacy sessions to create a cohesive approach tying together reading, phonics and topic lessons.
Targets are kept up to date in the back of their topic books for transcription, grammar and composition. 
Every six weeks a summative assessment is made about the children's attainment towards the statements covered. From this information a progress meeting is held and any extra intervention or support is provided for children who need it. It is also a chance to celebrate the success each half term and be targeted about coverage and expectation over the next six weeks.This is held in each phase and means teachers can be extremely pro-active and have an excellent understanding of each child in their class.