We are dedicated in ensuring all our children are confident writers by the time they leave Year 6. Writing is an essential life skill and our aim is to equip children with a love of writing as well as the ability to write for a range of purposes and audiences. We follow the Primary Curricululm (2014) objectives for writing, which are embedded within our Immersive Learning projects. This means that all the children's writing has a real purpose, with a real outcome. For example, writing tour guide leaflets about Pendennis Castle, Falmouth, which the children used with visitors when they took on the role as real tour guides at the end of their immersive learning castle project. We also ensure there are opportunities for the children to critique their writing, and make improvements, in order for them to produce high quality texts, to be published. 

In order for the children to develop their spelling, grammar and punctuation skills, we also deliver regular SPAG sessions from Year 1 to Year 6. 

Over the last few years we have developed a bespoke way for teaching and delivering writing skills throughout the school, using a combination of Talk for Writing and Storytelling strategies, Big Writing and Alan Peat’s approach to Non-Fiction. These are incororated into our Immersive Learning curricululm and delivery style as appropriate.

Talk for Writing
We believe that children need a sound base in Speaking and Listening before they are able to write vocabulary rich texts. We ensure children have every opportunity to explore a text verbally before they begin the writing process. This involves drama activities, hot-seating and role play, as well as saying a sentence before writing it down.

We have adopted many of Pie Corbett’s approaches to storytelling when teaching the children fictional writing. At the beginning of a fictional unit, the children learn a story in the genre selected together. Once the children have innovated and invented their own stories during the unit, they can write their own final story.

Non Fiction Writing - the Alan Peat approach
We deliver the teaching of non-fiction writing by following Alan Peat’s approach. This enables us to teach a wide range of non-fiction genres in a consistent way across the school, introducing new features of each type of writing at certain year groups and levels.