Virtues Tree Celebration

6th October 2017

We have made our Year 1 and 2 playground a more colourful and exciting place by creating a large mural to represent the Virtues Curriculum that they follow. The idea of creating a ‘Unity Tree’ where every child and adult in school was able to put their handprints on the tree to create the leaves came from parents of children in school. We celebrated the completed project by inviting parents to a fundraising cake and coffee afternoon for Macmillan on Friday 29th September.  

Virtues Coordinator and parent, Shona Pye said, “The team effort behind the Unity Tree project was fantastic. The Dulux store in Penzance were very generous in donating the colourful exterior masonry paint for the Mural. Parent volunteers Sam Elcox, Demelza Pascoe, Melantha Dawes and Steph Johnson helped to prepare and clean the walls and paint the base colour. Our school Artist-in-Residence, Jeremy Pullman - who will be running Art classes for the community - created the beautiful outline of the tree and then a fun packed day took place at the end of the summer term creating the mural. All students and staff took their turn in having their hands painted and putting their colourful handprints on the wall, as the leaves on our Unity Tree.”

Assistant Manager of Dulux, Tim Bateman said, "When we were approached about the plan, I could see how passionate and committed the school were to bringing the staff, students and parents together with their ideas for this bold project. Here at Dulux, we are passionate about adding colour to people's lives to make a positive change and so we could see clearly that the school's values matched our own. We are delighted to have been able to help and as we can see, the hard work of the school and all others involved has resulted in this magnificent piece of work".

Pensans Headteacher, Ms Angela Clay said: “The Virtues Project helps us all to highlight positive behaviours and acknowledge children as they strengthen qualities such as excellence, kindness, honesty and creativity. We introduce a new virtue each week in assembly and allow the children to further develop their understanding of good character through role-play, stories and activities during lessons. Staff spot pupils who are demonstrating the virtue of the week and give praise and use the language of Virtues to give children strategies to improve their learning behaviours, for example: "Thank you for your helpfulness”, or "What virtue would help in this situation". It’s a valuable tool that lets children know how to do the right thing at the right time. We have a wonderful school and are so lucky to have a great staff and parental support for the virtues project, led by parent, Shona Pye.”

Ms Clay continued, “Over the summer holidays Ian and Sam Elcox, Toni Redgrave and Demelza Pascoe also came into school to decorate the Year 1/2 corridor so that staff can create additional learning areas. The reading area was transformed by creative parent, Zanna Pill, into the Gruffalo reading area with paint kindly donated by Solo and Dulux. It has been a busy few months as we have also been begun to offer all-day nursery places from 8am until 6pm which is very exciting. With incredible generosity from Dulux and Solo, and with the enthusiasm, creativity and cooperation shown by all the children, staff and parents we have enhanced the colourful and creative learning environment at Pensans CP school.”