Pupil Premium

What is the Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium is additional funding given to schools for statutory aged children so that they can support their disadvantaged pupils and close the attainment gap between them and their peers. The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011 and is allocated to schools to work with pupils who have been registered for free school meals at any point in the last six years (known as ‘Ever 6 FSM’ from 2012/13). Schools also receive funding for children who are Looked After (LA) by the Local Authority or adopted, and children of service personnel within the last five years (known as “Ever 5” from 2015/16). The Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) was introduced in April 2015 for children who would meet the Pupil Premium criteria later on in Reception. 


The funding allocations per child are as follows:

2011/2012: £488 (£200 for children of service personnel)

2012/2013: £600 (£250 for children of service personnel)

2013/2014: £900 (£300 for children of service personnel)

2014/2015: £1300 Ever 6 & FSM; £1900 LA and adopted (Pupil Premium Plus); £300 (Service Premium)

2015/2016: £1320 Ever 6 & FSM; £1900 LA and adopted (Pupil Premium Plus); £300 (Service Premium); £300 EYPP

2016/2017: £1320 Ever 6 & FSM; £1900 LA and adopted (Pupil Premium Plus); £300 (Service Premium); £300 EYPP


Schools have the freedom to decide how best to use the funding to support this group of children and are held accountable for the effectiveness of their choices in the reporting process, performance tables and through the Ofsted inspection framework.


The Pupil Premium grant at Pensans Primary School


Pensans Primary School received: 

£44,720 for the academic year 2011/12; 

£78,600 for 2012/13; 

£116,000 for 2013/14, 

£179,400 for 2014/15 and 

£196, 680 for 2016/17. 

The funding has been used in a variety of ways to support the eligible children including:

Reading Recovery

Counselling services and pastoral care

1:1 Tuition Breakfast Club Support for vulnerable children

Speech and language services and intervention

Literacy and Maths intervention activities

Extended learning through the Learning Centre

Outdoor learning opportunities

Play supervisors

After school clubs

Year 6 Booster classes

Class trip/uniform support

Immersive learning



A more detailed account of spending and pupil progress can be found in the report to governors and parents. The funding for 2016/17 has been set at £203,280 which will facilitate all of the above activities (as they have all been proved to be effective in closing the achievement gap for this group), along with additional items based on the progress report at the end of 2015/16, including whole school initiatives to support the immersive learning, the THRIVE approach and additional Maths support.