Physical Education

We believe a physically literate child is a competent, confident and healthy mover. Physical literacy builds motivation, confidence, physical competence and an understanding of movement. Thus, it provides our children with the strong foundations needed to sustain a lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

The children access a range of areas including High Five, Hockey and Tag Rugby in the Autumn Term. Gymnastics, Basketball and Cricket in the Spring Term and Rounders, Tennis and Orienteering in the Summer Term. All children have Swimming lessons with qualified teachers at Penzance Leisure Centre and are taught dance with a professional dancer or team games with a sports coach during their PPA sessions, which they thoroughly enjoy. The children can play football and practice their PE skills during break and lunchtimes using a range of resources in the school’s outdoor areas. We offer a variety of extra curricular opportunities which often link with tournaments and matches with other schools. The children can sign up to clubs such as surfing, cricket, rounders, high 5s, football and many more! 


  • Mrs Kerry Willcocks

    P.E Coordinator

  • Miss Louise Nicholls

    P.E Coordinator