Maths is a fascinating subject, dealing with the nature and relationships of number, space and patterns. It requires not only facts and skills, but also understanding gained through exploration, application and discussion.

At Pensans, we aim to develop lively, enquiring minds where children are self-motivated and confident to approach maths problems in their learning and applying it to real life through mastery of maths.

All the pupils at Pensans C P School have access to a broad mathematical curriculum in which their learning needs are identified and met. They experience a range of practical and written activities covering the Primary Maths Curriculum (see attached).

Areas of maths covered by the curriculum in each year group from year 1 - year 6 are:

Number and Place Value

Number - addition and subtraction

Number - multiplication and division

Number - fractions






There is an emphasis on children learning basic number facts such as bonds to 10 and 20,  and learning their times tables.  

These are the building blocks for so much and hold the key to all of our maths learning!  Please help your child to learn and practise these at home.


What should your child be learning about?  Check out our updated parent guides to see what they should know by the end of this year.  They have include some fun activities to try at home including Mathletics and the 99 Maths Club Challenge.