Pensans School Multi Academy Trust update

26th June 2015

We are delighted to announce that on the evening of 23/06/15, the governing bodies of Newlyn, Alverton and Pensans voted overwhelmingly to convert to a Multi Academy Trust on 1st September 2015. We are enormously excited by the opportunities that this will give our schools to continue on their journeys towards excellence. Since September 2014 we have successfully collaborated in the following areas by:  

  • Creating inspiring learning environments that empower, engage and motivate our children.  

  • Using project based learning with real outcomes, which has inspired staff and children to begin to develop ‘A burning desire for the need to know’. 

  • Sharing training, ideas and resources for the benefit of all the school communities.

Our next step will be to build on this foundation of mutual understanding and commitment as we aspire to provide outstanding learning opportunities for our communities.

Our thanks goes out to parents for their support and encouragement throughout this process.