Immersive Learning

The approach:
There has been an exciting development you may have noticed in and around the school.
We have a large sea monster swimming down the corridors and volcanoes exploding from the walls! These are all linked to our new approach to learning called 'Immersive Learning'.
We have recently visited Hartsholme Academy in Lincoln who have been developing this approach over the last few years. We were so impressed with the attitude of the children we met and the standard of work bing produced we wanted to bring it into our school.
What does this mean at Pensans:
It is all about creative planning and delivery of lessons that completely immersive the children in their topic and therefore allow a deeper understanding of the knowledge behind each subject.
The Academy has experienced more energised and motivated pupils who have a 'want and need' to learn.
The projects are planned with an exciting outcome at the end which give children a chance to show their work to an authentic audience. This creates a high level of motivation and the expectation that all their work will be presented and completed to the highest standards.
This is then extended by children choosing how they learn and providing a stimulating environment with opportunities for a variety of places and spaces for the children to work in. 
The aim for us at Pensans, as always, is to provide the best learning experience for all our children and ensure they are making excellent progress at all times and are motivated to further their own learning.
We are really excited to be working and planning in this way and if you are interested to see for yourselves please pop in and have a look around.