Design Technology

Design and technology is an inspiring and practical subject. Using creativity and imagination, pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts.

Design and technology is taught in every year group in school with the 3 main skills worked on throught every year: Designing, making and evaluating.

Design and Technology encompasses many activities including cooking, cutting, shaping, joining and finishing with children using a wide range of materials and components. 

We strive to use Design and Technology in REAL projects  and for REAL purposes. We often use it to help answer our essential questions. In KS1 our essential question was: Was the great fire of London a fresh start or a terrible event in history? We designed, made and evaluted our own Stuart/Tudor houses. The firemen came in and started a fire in Pudding Lane. By using our D & T we were able to find out that the houses were built too closely together and were made out of material that was very flammable. 

In KS2 'making something from nothing' project children had to be entrepreneurs and design a product that they could sell to a dragon's den panel. They had to use recycled goods and turn them into something worth selling! It culminated in the KS2 children selling their products in a pop-up shop in Penzance.