Learning at Pensans

We provide a creative, inclusive and challenging curriculum which inspires and motivates children and supports high quality learning.
We plan projects that provide learning opportunities which are relevant, engaging and have real world outcomes. The children are at the heart of this process, ensuring the opportunities are exciting and enthuse, so the best outcomes can be achieved.
We do this through designing our classroom so they showcase the 'beautiful' work the children create and allow them to be fully immersed in their project. 
The REAL projects develop the children's knowledge and skills through work based on an essential question. They must be 'Rigourous', Engaging, shown to an Authentic audience and Learning happens throughout.
Children are encouraged to produce work of the highest quality. They learn to reflect on their work and offer 'warm' feedback and suggestions for improvements to their peers. Children follow three main principles for critique, they must be kind, specific and helpful.
Outdoor Learning:
We are extremely lucky to have a fantastic outdoor space at Pensans and we use this to further their real experiences throughout their projects. We also believe it is important for the children to understand the community they belong to and we encourage experts and visitors to the school to take part in the learning. This means the children can further their skills and create their outcomes based on real expertise and knowledge.